Carlina Home Remodeling, LLC (ROC# 335732) holds a KB-2 Dual Residential and Small Commercial license as issued by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. This allows us to do unlimited residential and commercial up to $2 million. This license is held by John Scatterday (Qualifying Party) and C Carl (Manager). All parties on the license are responsible for all activity generated by the entity. Our CEO Carl is on the AZ Registrar of Contractors Industry Advisory Council (IAC), and with his expertise and involvement in the development and advancement of the construction industry in Arizona, you are in great hands.

Licensed/Bonded/Insured ROC#335732


Chief Executive Officer

C Carl has been involved in the construction and remodeling business since the early 1980’s. In Colorado he developed vacant tracts and built houses. He has built multifamily projects and developed and built a retail commercial building that eventually housed numerous businesses.

In Arizona he has remodeled dozens of houses. The scope of work on these remodels ranged from simple ‘remove and replace’ to completed remodel projects with additions.

Carl was recently appointed to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors Industry Advisory Council. This council is comprised of experienced industry professionals designed to advise the AZ ROC to contribute to the advancement of the construction industry in Arizona.



Carina worked for a high end custom home builder based in Arcadia. This company primarily worked in Arcadia, Paradise Valley and North Scottsdale and did new construction as well as high end remodels. She worked with clients, coordinating with the builder and designer. She worked with the contractor to go over floorplans to integrate clients wishes. She was also in charge of quality control for the finished product before it was delivered to the clients.

Prior to that, Carina also worked at Dream Style Home Remodeling, a bath and window replacement company. She specialized in their high end bath remodels. Carina was responsible for designing and supervising the remodels as well as scheduling all trades and being the main contact between client and company.


John holds two ROC licenses. In addition to the Carlina license, John is owner of JLS Development Enterprises, Inc. (ROC# 167786).

John has been in the construction industry for more than 40 years. He first became licensed approximately 23 years ago. His flawless, zero complaint record has cultivated a great deal of success. He has built countless homes and commercial buildings during his career ranging from $100,000 to well over $2 million. John has also completed remodel projects from simple ‘remove and replace’ to complete remodel projects with additions.

John’s clients range from Shaquille O’neal to Amazon and many that cant be disclosed due to privacy concerns of the clients. At the time of writing of this document John has approximately $18 million in current active pulled permits.


Construction Foreman / Vice President

Todd brings a rich background of operations and business management to the construction industry.

Todd’s experience in the construction industry began with hands on work in the field. He was responsible for taking each job from beginning to end, doing much of the work himself, but also hiring and supervising various trades that were needed. This hands on work has given Todd the necessary and valuable real world experience needed to serve as Construction Foreman.

Equally important to his construction experience is his management experience. Before entering the construction industry several years ago, Todd held management positions as Operations Director for two large restaurant chains. He supervised 15 locations with over 1000 employees. He was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the operation.

Todd’s construction knowledge coupled with his high level management experience gives him the ability to complete jobs much faster than what is typical in the construction industry. Todd truly embodies Carlina’s motto ‘Taking a Business Approach to Construction’.

Project Managers

We assign one of our Project Managers to every job. The PM is responsible for every phase of
construction and monitors job progress ensuring work performed conforms to approved scope of work and plans (when applicable). The PM schedules and attends all City inspections (when necessary) to make sure the project stays on time and on budget. He makes sure the job site is clean, organized and safe. They update owners regularly with progress reports, photos and answers questions that may arise. The Project Managers report to our Construction Foreman.


For every job we assign a designer to assist the owner in picking out flooring, paint, plumbing and
lighting fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, tile, wall finishes and so much more! The designer then determines the type of style the client wants to create in the home, then helps them select products and finishes helping them create their dream home! Our designers work hand in hand with our Architect, Project Manager and Construction Foreman to ensure the project comes in on budget and on time.

-Design assistance: Depending on the type of project and stylistic needs, we can provide our clients with interior designers who can work intimately with the client and give recommendations and suggestions based on the client‘s preferences and desired style. With access to a vast database of products and finishes, the designer can help streamline the selection process and offer options that align with the client’s vision.

-Project coordination: I can assist in coordinating tasks between the designer, architect, project manager, and construction foreman. By organizing timelines, tracking progress, and facilitating communication, I can help ensure the project stays on budget and completes on schedule.

-Budget management: We assist in keeping track of expenses related to flooring, paint, fixtures, cabinetry, and other materials. By maintaining a record and providing analytics, we can help identify areas where cost savings can be made without compromising the client’s vision.

-Time management: we establish a project timeline, monitor progress, and notify stakeholders of upcoming deadlines or milestones. By maintaining a calendar and sending reminders, we can ensure that tasks are completed on time, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency.

-Documentation and organization: We can help streamline the documentation process by storing project-related information and files securely. By providing easy access to documents and project details, we can facilitate collaboration and ensure everyone involved has the necessary information readily available. We ensure that our clients have easy access to photos taken during the different phases of the construction. These photos will be saved on a thumb drive and given to the client when the project has been finalized.

With these capabilities, we can work efficiently and provide valuable assistance in creating your dream home while keeping the project on track and within budget.


We are a complete design/build firm. We determine the size and scope of a job then match the
architect to the job. They then meet with the owners to determine wants and needs, then takes that
vision and turns it into a full set of building plans that meets the owners needs and within their budget. He then coordinates with our Construction Foreman and project managers during construction. We also offer CAD drawings for smaller jobs.